The Assembly of Animals

by Ives

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released March 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Ives Edinburgh, UK

Alt rock/electronic concept album. Music and artwork by Claire Laurenson from Edinburgh, UK.

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Track Name: The Infinite Edge
Here is the sea
You were born from it from fighting
And here is the land
They brought it from below

The soil at your feet
Has come to learn the weather
So why then can't we
Track Name: The Chequered Beach
[Verse 1]
And I’ll be giving to you just one chance to
Rock the boat, get out
Then I’ll be shaking all you predators to the core (it’s all on them, the problem)
From a world bleak and cold
This may take off your blindfold
And I’ll awake the only way that you can thrive
(We have questions, any answer is a right step)

[Verse 2]
And as the gardens of the island rise in
Acrid smoke, we will learn
Who’ll be willing to forgive these drastic means
(It’s to outlive the syndicate)
The day we’ll set alight, for the only real good fight
And then we’ll throw away the keys to every door
(We have questions he’ll alleviate, the gardener)

I tell you the world is terminal
But cut the pacifists and you break the retaining wall
But they're out in our gardens, praying for our children

Oh now that we have some time alone
Oh I might as well say it
We've our backs to the wall
This may take off your blindfold
[repeated x4 and joined by excerpts from other sections]

[Chorus 2]
I tell you the world is terminal (another pacifist doubter, another wide-eyed coward)
But they're the catalysts for a war for us all (another weed in the flowers, another one with no answers)

Oh but they're out in our gardens (we might, we might, we might)
They're out in our gardens (rock the boat, get out)
They're out in our gardens (we might as well just let them in)
Praying for our children (this may take off your, this may take off your)
[repeated and joined by excerpts from other sections]

We might as well just let them in
Track Name: Conlen's Song
[Verse 1]
Oh little darling, I have searched for you
And oh little darling, you have saved me too
Look little saviour, we have miles to go
But I will stay with you

[Verse 2]
Here in the summer, it’s as cold as snow
But we have each other, and that’s more than they know
Weather’s in our lungs, but it’s only wind

And they may come, all the fighting ones
But I’ll hold you here in my hands
And they may wake up, before time is up
They may wake up

[Verse 3]
I’ve been alone now, for all of my life
But murder has given, me reason not to die

[Bridge 2]
And they may come, all the sullen ones
But I’ll hold

Cause we’re the only ones
Who will believe this story
And you were wrong
About just so many things that I can do
You sinners

[Repeat chorus]

[Bridge 3/Outro]
And they may come out
As our boots stomp loud
I will hold you here in my hands
And they may wake up, before time is up
They may wake up
(It's in our lungs)
Track Name: A Civil Warning
[Verse 1]
Here I come
Mmmm I’ve been waiting for the tricky one, no
Here I come
I have to tell you honestly
I’m not one for games, no longer playing

[Verse 2]
Mmmm if you could see them now you might return, oh
I’ve cleaned up
The fire’s have all been and gone
They’re happy now, they moved well on

[Bridge 1]
And there’ll be no hiding, now, from me
I’ll rise the tide, oh, to permeate the gate
No you will not beat me
I have a terracotta army
You can’t kill me

[Bridge 2]
Well done
You’ve escaped the square but where are you now

[Middle 8]
The world is not, some story book
Just prise open your eyes and look
Your perfect town, their breeding ground

(Mmm you’re not the tale
Not a line in this story
No you’re not the tale
You’re not the tale
Just a second rate body
No you’re not the tale)
Track Name: The Resignation of Mr Everett
[Verse 1]
They’re coming to the roundabout
It’s turning ‘em, turning ‘em
Will they give 'em things to talk about?
Cause that’s what counts
In this endless story, what’s the use?
They won’t kneel before me
'cause I refuse

[Verse 2]
The sea is filling up the ground
It’s trouble in, no way out
You just don’t have the strength to swim
Already holes in your skin
And they won’t let you win

[Middle 8]
When will I stand again
Oh no, oh
When will I stand again
Cause that’s what counts
(No they don’t want a leader, they want a dictator
They want this old machine of arrogance and brainwashing
No they don’t want a leader, they want a dictator
Now they’re in his garden he will cut ‘em systematically)
[Repeat to end]
Track Name: Thomas and the Captives
[Verse 1]
Dear, for you
I would do
Things that I won't admit to
The past seeps through
In all I do
And I bet you the earth that that's true

Oh darling, you're all I am living for now
For now
Only a relic of
The only thing they couldn't take
But you're the story

[Verse 2]
Won't fight, I'm theirs
I am scared
Guess that's why I'm here and not there
No-one can understand how this got so far
And now they want to know where you are

[Bridge 2]
Oh here the ground is a wasted, charred metaphor
People are nothing now, just herded and tossed to the sea
But you could be the story

[Middle 8]
There is a point, in my life
Where I will have to say here, I'm ready to fight
No credentials and failing knees
But I'll be ready to fight, and for you
There is a point, in our lives
Where we will have to say no, I'm ready to fight
No credentials, no you with me
But I'll be ready to fight, and for you

[Harmony layer 1]
(The past's parting, the weight of the weather is bearing down
This is the making of, something unwritten in me, if I'm the story)

[Harmony layer 2]
(With just one body, I'm not ready to fight
I'm not the story)
Track Name: The Resignation of Mr Everett (Reprise)
[Verse 1]
We're coming to the roundabout
It's turning me, turning me
There's plenty now to talk about
Oh god, the water's come into my house
I just don't have the strength anymore
They're shooting holes in my door and I'm not brave like you
You'd never let them through

I put all my armour down
Hands up at the roundabout
I never signed up for this
And I will not stand again
Track Name: Henchman's Melody
[Verse 1]
Another voice comes through the bars
Said I'm not the villain, you've started fires
But with the change, it'll all make sense
I'll sleep soundly when I get to retire

Now I'm superior
But don't know who is in my mirror
These words have not been mine
No it must be God, must be the divine

[Verse 2]
I am no sheep
I draw my lines
There goes Arendt's theory of why I'm here
But if they're right, evil's in me
No alternate reason it's so unclear

[Bridge 2]
Now I'm superior
(Is it at an end)
Strike three, these hands have brought fear
(I see her in my)
No I can't tell her they're mine
(No, oh will I be, no oh will I be?)
Now it must be God

And will I be on the boat?
But who will show me mercy now?
The afterlife, if even they're right
Am I on the boat?
But who will show me mercy now?
Another voice, 'nother cry
Am I on the boat?

(Will I see her in my sleep,
for the rest of my life?)
Track Name: A City Alternative
[Verse 1]
Perth, my friend
Is it at an end
All the fear and deceit?
Now or do you
Harbour evil too
Side streets, waiting for me?

Cause I might be free
But I'm just a body

[Verse 2]
Believe that I
As the years passed by
Could have raised a new me
But at what price?
Should I catch my eye
Perth dear, what would I see?

[Bridge 2]
Cause in the grand scheme
I'm just one body
What would my life mean?
One trilobite breathing

[Middle 8]
Now consider you, Perth
Just a tiny map fragment
Not a speck on the earth
No matter what happens between all the people
The blind little people
And though I am one of them
I have to mean something

I have to leave you
Track Name: The Girl and the Leopard
[Verse 1]
And oh hey, I've been hoping to do this my way
So would you lead me to the archway
Where all the angriest kids play
And little Lucy, let me stand you up so you can see
And move your arms and legs dependently
But know you can't do this without me

Said the girl to the leopard, they think they have won
Well you'll knock them for twelve when you come
With skin in your claws oh all bets will be off
A red letter day

[Verse 2]
Oh and my friends, they think I'm proud of being different
They don't know what makes me distant
Or that I could kill them with my bare hands
But I have mercy, don't understand the senseless fighting
Blind fish colliding in the vast sea
Just wasting time before the shark eats

[Chorus 2]
All these soft, cloying fables of kindness all round
No they won't scratch the surface in mama's town
The kids in my story now grown up with guns
They paint the town red

[Middle 8]
The last three years have been
The stealing of youth in my eyes
So I will go and find
My cat in the woods
The last three years have been
The curtain man's reveal and fall
Oh yes I've seen it all, so now to the woods

The schoolgirl skipped across the playground
Basking in the mess she'd made now
Whistling another song
She hadn't lived to write her own
The cat lay still, its fur combined with
Spattered walls, marred just for hiding
Knowing he would end his bloodbath
With the one who dared to ask
Track Name: And the Tongue is a Fire
[Verse 1]
Roll it on, Nahyad
The whole world speaks to you
Take it all, you liar
It still won't fix this

[Bridge 1]
And oh for you, they're waiting in line for you
The dead and alive, for you
You'd better pray now

[Verse 2]
Ideas above your station
They're no good now for you
Predators are not patient
They'll tear into you

[Bridge 2]
Don't think you knew, what would happen
Come on, now did you?
They're all screaming for answers too
Get ready to pray now

You'll breathe in my air
Cause we've met before
So lets use this time
Like we've met before
There's dust through the air
But have we met before?
And I've come all the way round
To where we met before
Track Name: Second Storm
[Verse 1]
Run, run, with your hands to your mouth
They lie in wait here for us now
Peace/piece, by, by, fragmented peace/piece
Always knew God would bring us to our knees

[Verse 2]
Lust, greed, all seven for free
I fear no-one's there to oversee
The waves have come, they're cold at our heels
No-one to heed our last appeal

[Bridge 1]
What has praying done, your pleading's worthless
What the devil will cite for his purpose
(I've killed your)

[Verse 3]
We're all just mice, with words in our reach
The stories just told to keep us breeding

[Bridge 2]
What has praying done, your pleading's worthless
What the devil will cite for his purpose
What has praying done your pleading's worthless

[Middle 8]
I've killed your dream, my heart just bleeds
Lost to the sea, my heart just bleeds
[Repeated to end]

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